Mechanical Engineer and Direct Marketing / Digital Marketing Guru

  • Mechanical Engineer Talking to the Heads of Tailings Practices and Consultancies in Australia and around the world
  • Direct Marketing Guru with a fascination for crafting messages that speak directly to the buyer personas.
  • Both of these skills, all wrapped up in one kickass person!

If you have an engineering degree and want to meet the heads of tailings practices in the worlds biggest mining and consulting companies, then this is your golden opportunity. The only catch is that you also need all the skills of direct marketing specialist!

 Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical) from a blue chip university. Expertise and familiarity with centrifugal pumps and a keen interest in tailings dams and dewatering. A marketing degree is also preferred, but what is *really* essential is a complete mastery of electronic and traditional direct marketing.

Our client, Hammerstream Pty Limited, is a high-end start-up company that has a floating water intake device that solves the problem of pumping from shallow water without vortexing and drawing in foreign matter from the bottom. It helps:

  • stop tailings dams collapsing and killing people,
  • give firefighters a new way of getting water in emergencies, and
  • let farmers access shallow water in a drought.

 The company has also developed 40-tonne remote controlled, caterpillar-tracked pumps that move around mine sites and wants to commercialise these around Australia.

This company is right at the intersection of climate change, water efficiency and safety.  It wants to save lives, save property, and change the way pumps work all around the world - all in the next 36 months.

 The Story So Far

The products are made in Australia, and theyve already started selling them in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. Next, they want to take the products to California and British Columbia, then to the rest of the world.

 Its a big, audacious goal, so they want the best people in the world to be part of the journey.

 What they Are Looking For

 They are looking for someone with passion, curiosity and enthusiasm someone who wants to make a dent in the universe. They are not laying bricks here, they are building cathedrals!


 Did you know that some of Australias most famous companies began as startups over the dining room table Macquarie Bank started with three people in Sydney, Fortescue Minerals started with three people in Twiggy Forrests lounge room even Apple started with two people in a garage!

 So, this is really getting in on the ground floor except you will be working in a converted building in a garden with free all-day parking and a caf nearby.


 You need to be able to travel for 2-3 days at a time, but it can sometimes be up to 10 days. The right person will be part of the team that goes to conventions, trade shows, training seminars and site visits all around Australia. If you cant travel, this job is not for you.

 Why a Mechanical Engineer

 Why mechanical engineer Well, the inventor of the product is kind of like Mr Dyson, the vacuum cleaner guy. Our Mr Dyson saw a problem pumping from shallow water, looked around the world for a solution, couldnt find one, so went into the workshop and built one. 

 Now, the worlds biggest mining companies are his customers and fire brigades are starting to ask for demos. So, since you will be talking to the absolute cream of the tailings world, we need you to be able to talk sensibly to them about lift, head, line loss, CFD testing and the like. You need to be able to command the respect of the inventor and get on board with his vision for product development. You also need to be a practical person able to pick up the tools, or hit things in the right place with a hammer.

 More important, however, will be your fascination with direct marketing.  Recency/frequency/value, sales journey, trip-wires, lead magnets, CRMs, filters, offers, A/B testing, headlines, objections this is all a fascinating game to you and you are right across how it all works. 

 The Good Stuff

 You get a nice new Apple iPhone for work, but since you will be selling to the world, you all get calls from around the world at odd hours and you will be expected to take them out of hours and on weekends.

 You also get a shiny HP Spectre notebook and there is an MacBook Air for all the creative programs. They plug these notebooks into big screens at the office, but you will also be working on your notebook in cafes, on boardroom tables and at customers offices.

 Office Hours

 Its a start-up, and its full-time. You will be helping create the lead generation and lead conversion part of the business on the fly, so although office hours are 9am-5pm, if there is something big on, they all stay back to get it done.

 Duties and Responsibilities

 Hammerstream makes no secret of the fact that they want to hire the best and brightest people. They want achievers who share the same vision and can-do attitude. To get to where they want to be, they want people who like to challenge the norm and achieve stretch targets.

 Your duties will include:

  1. Desk top research on pumping, tailings dams, mine dewatering, rural firefighting, agricultural irrigation
  2. CRM data input
  3. Developing lead magnet content
  4. Developing buyer personas
  5. Website design in Wordpress
  6. Detailed familiarity with domains, email set up, MS365
  7. Email marketing
    1. Developing automated drip-marketing email sequences
    2. Catchy, engaging and benefit-rich heading
    3. Plain persuasive language
    4. Bullets, sub-headings
    5. Benefits
    6. Optimised for mobile devices.
  8. Social media marketing
    1. Develop a social media strategy
    2. Targeted Facebook ads
    3. Private Facebook groups
    4. LinkedIn communication and updates
  9. Google Adwords PPC ads
  10. Telephone scripts for booking appointments
  11. Developing technical one-pagers
  12. Developing and refining systems and procedures for lead generation and lead conversion
  13. Micro-influencer marketing
  14. Running Webex conferences
  15. Developing Powerpoint presentations
  16. Developing content for content marketing for each market
  17. Retargeting ads
  18. Affiliate marketing
  19. Direct mail postcards, letters and good old fashioned newsletters.

You will need:

  •  Proficiency in Office 365 Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to whip up PowerPoint presentations, white papers, and eBooks
  • Significant knowledge of, and familiarity with, computers
  • A professional approach
  • A current drivers licence with at least nine points left on it
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • High attention to detail and time management skills
  • Typing speed of 55wpm and super accurate typing
  • Brilliant spelling, an advanced understanding of grammar
  • Good IT skills you have to be able to make your printer work when it mysteriously stops, be able to reboot the WiFi, run back ups and generally be able to fix most things without calling the IT department that they dont have yet.

 Office Attire

 Although trade shows, conferences and events are business dress, day-to-day office dress is extremely casual!  On-site it is usually Blundies and jeans.

 Above All Human

 Most of all, you will have to show that you are human, you have fun and you want to take on the world.

 Please note, we are not engaging agencies for this role, or taking CVs from them.

 How we Reply

 We will reply by emailing or phoning qualified applicants. Unfortunately, there are just too many applications to reply to everyone else.

16/03/2020 $0 Perth 1 Marketing & Communications
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