Digital Marketing Specialist - FUN Lifestyle Brands

SPECIALISED: You'll collaborate & work on just 3-4 long-term brands/clients, FUN BRANDS: We only work with FUN lifestyle brands! No selling solar panels here, VARIETY & GROWTH: Become a master of building brands through all-things digital.

We've got a unique opportunity, and it might be a good fit for you if:

  • You're an in-house digital marketer currently, looking to surround yourself with likeminded people while adding variety to your job. An agency seems like a good opportunity for growth and variety, but you're just not meshing with the "sell sell sell" values of typical digital agencies; or
  • You're a digital agency marketer, getting a bit tired of doing the bare minimum for 30+ clients at once and feeling unable to reach your potential or build meaningful results for a revolving door of clients. Your KPIs are on how to make a client stay and keep revenue consistent for the agency, instead of how to do your best work.

Who we are

At Devote Digital, we're Doing Digital Right for a set group of 20 brands. Our team only ever work on 3-4 brands each, so you'll also be joining us to focus on just 3-4 of our long-term well established brands.

We're currently looking to expand our team of 15 to welcome another A-team digital marketer. We're also looking to expand further abroad to hiring in the US, to work closer with some of our global partners. 

Who you are

You'll be coming in with a great level of base knowledge, with 2+ years of relevant experience and a proven passion for digital. In return we'll support you to become a master of all things digital - Facebook, Google, Email, YouTube, Website CRO, and more.

Who we work with

The types of brands we work with are fun lifestyle brands. They encourage people to do what they love - spearfishing, scuba diving, surfing, 4x4, fishing, cooking, riding motorbikes, or just heading to the beach. This means the audiences we're communicating with are passionate and actually want to hear from us! 

What you'll do

Your day-to-day will involve strategising, coordinating and executing campaigns for your 3-4 brands  - similar to if you were the digital marketer sitting in their business! We see ourselves as an extension of their teams. 

No two days will be the same, but it generally includes:

  • Strategising and presenting ways to achieve consistent and  incremental growth across your brands core areas 
  • Setting up, analysing, and making improvements within current campaigns - primarily across Facebook, Google ads and Email
  • Briefing campaigns with the design and creative team
  • Collaborating with our digital team, as well as soaking up FB groups, blogs and podcasts, to expand your knowledge and share your learnings with the team. We're all learning! 
  • Working with the client to establish the marketing calendar of activities based around business goals 
  • Reporting on meaningful metrics to the client, and keeping them updated on what's next

What we don't believe in...

To understand what we're all about, it's useful to highlight what we DON'T believe in. We are quite different from other agencies in this way!

What we DON'T believe in:

  • Having a sales or "biz dev" team. We're a 100% referral based business, and always will be. No cold calling, no biz dev.
  • Having 300 clients. We work with no more than 20 brands at once, to keep quality high and allow our team to focus on making  a difference for just a few brands each.
  • Working with just anyone, or any brand that comes along. We turn clients away weekly because we're nearly always full. We only work with brands and people we love. 
  • Locking businesses into contracts. There are no contracts here - if a brand doesn't want to work with an agency they shouldn't have to, simple. We earn our keep week-in week-out. As a result, our team has the opposite to this -  brands try to lock us into contracts with them so that we don't leave! 
  • Up-selling clients, or constantly playing the "that's outside of scope, here's your quote" card. No one likes surprises. Our brands pay a flat-rate all-inclusive retainer and in return they get a digital marketing and creative team with clear goals and strategies. Easy! 
  • Having sales targets for our digital team. That makes no sense! Your passion is digital marketing, you're not a salesperson - none of us are! Our business is run on doing great work - not on hitting targets.

What we do believe in...

The above gives you some insight into what we stand for in terms of our values, and how we're different as an "agency". Below are some of the other values we hold close!

  • Innovation. We're constantly at the forefront of new advancements, which requires a willingness to test, learn, and iterate. New shouldn't feel scary, it should feel exciting!
  • Quality. There's a reason we're always booked out, and this is it. 
  • Effort. You don't get high quality and innovative results without effort. We value and reward those who love putting their best foot forward. 
  • Teamwork. We're a close team, we're supportive, and we're human. We're there for each other to help out no matter what.
  • Low stress environment. You know what's great about this career When we make mistakes (which we all will) no one dies! We treat our partners' brands as if they were our own, which means we put our best foot forward - but doing so should feel GOOD, not stressful. 
  • Growth & Learning. We love to see our team grow personally and professionally. If you're looking to grow, we're here to support and reward that dedication.We're also aware that this is an "always learning" industry, which means we're always growing our own knowledge no matter how "senior" we are. 
  • Consistency over intensity. We're walking the 20 mile march here, not running a marathon. We're aiming to consistently hit small, incremental growth targets that together stack up to phenomenal growth. We approach our in a calm, clear, and ordered way to dodge unnecessary burnout. 
  • Honesty & Transparency. We're open, honest and transparent with each other and our brands - and they're transparent with us in return! 

Benefits & Perks

  • Optional weekly activities - kickboxing, yoga, pilates, scuba diving, wine & painting - we learn something new together and have a blast doing it
  • Sporadic trips away - we've spent a week working in Bali, a week on Stradbroke Island, and a long weekend at the vineyards in the Granite Belt region
  • We're currently trialling 9-day fortnights for team members who have passed their learning phase with us. Our dream is for everyone to work 4 days a week - we're working on it!
  • Coffee and snacks on tap - of course!
  • Car parking available and close to public transport
  • We live on the best food & coffee strip in Brisbane, with lots of great gyms/boxing options close by too
  • Plenty of room for growth - if you're ambitious, we love that!

Enough reading! Get in touch! 

If our values and direction align with you, and you're ready to sink your teeth into a few great brands, then shoot us a cover letter and resume so we can get in touch for a casual chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

10/03/2020 $0 Brisbane 1 Marketing & Communications
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