Firmware Engineer

Work for a dynamic company shaking up our market, Help build next generation engine control and vehicle management systems., Help build the infrastructure to give consistent UX across our product range.

Passionate Firmware/Embedded Engineer wanted!

  • Work for a dynamic company shaking up our market
  • Help build the next generation engine control, vehicle management and electric vehicle control systems.
  • Help build the infrastructure to allow code reuse on multiple platforms to give consistent UX across our product range

Haltech is a world leader in engine management systems. Our mission is to empower automotive enthusiasm using technology.  This role is to help build our next generation of vehicle control systems.

Haltech has a strong industry and customer reputation built on ECUs and a number of accessories such as I/O expanders and other embedded system devices (anything with firmware) such as wideband sensor controllers and displays. In 2019, Haltech made waves by launching the colour iC-7 dash and announcing the Nexus R5 VCU (launched in 2020). Since then we have been expanding our ambitions for new products, and need help to make more happen!

This role involves:

  • Working with stakeholders to define system requirements
  • Firmware specification / design
  • Firmware implementation
  • Mentoring of junior firmware developers
  • Replicating corner cases
  • Reviewing teammates' code
  • Creating automated unit and system test cases

Skills required:

  • Firmware development - bare metal
  • Low level coding (hitting the registers, timers, I/O, on-chip peripherals, ADCs, DMA controllers etc)
  • Hardware testing (to the point of understanding and verifying what the firmware is doing - using a scope to check a timer output or a bus waveform)
  • C, C++, INTERCAL (no, not really INTERCAL)
  • Familiar with STM32, NXP (or either of them)
  • Familiar with real-time systems
    • Timed inputs and outputs (eg variable frequency inputs, PWM outputs)
    • Synchronised inputs and outputs (eg engine control inputs like cam position, outputs like ignition and injection events)
    • Comms (timeouts, latency, throughput, race conditions, stacking up the end to end delays for full system performance)
  • System level thinking (error budgets, latency stacking of unsynchronised events, graceful handling of failures, etc)
  • Business logic (when should something be edge or level driven, when should something be a state machine, etc)
  • Solving problems (Scientific method, subdividing a problem, forming hypotheses and testing)

Bonus points will be awarded for:

  • A background and interest in modified performance cars, and extra bonus points for having a tuning / ECU setup background
  • Any other embedded system skills (circuit design, PCB layout, etc)

To apply for this opportunity:

  • Please send a personalised, not form,
  • Start the first line with "Hi Andy,". If you start the email with anything other than that (eg "Dear Sir"), I will assume you haven't read this job ad to the end, which would mean that you're not right for this position
  • In the email, please address each of the bullet points under "This role involves", "The right person will have" and "Bonus points will be awarded for" and tell us how you can help us complete our mission
  • Please include any links or examples of your previous work.
  • Please include a description of your experience
  • Please include 3 references (previous employers)
  • Please also include any questions you have about the role or our company, your expectations and your goals


Look forward to hearing from you!


26/04/2021 $0 Parramatta & Western Suburbs 1 Engineering
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