Manager - Industry Driven Research

Industry led, government funded Industry Growth Centre, Based in Brisbane, Initial 12 month contract.

Industry Growth Centre Context

METS Ignited is the industry-led Growth Centre for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector funded by the Federal Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER). It is one of six growth centres with the following objectives:

  1. Accelerating commercialisation of innovation
  2. Enhancing industry capability and workforce
  3. Growing exports, and
  4. Identifying regulatory reform opportunities.

The success of the Growth Centre has created more highly skilled jobs, grown exports, and helped to scale high-potential Australian companies, continuing to expand the economic value generated by the Australian METS sector. More recently, the Australian Government has introduced its Modern Manufacturing Strategy with six national priorities including Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing. with which METS Ignited is particularly aligned.

Role Objectives

The primary focus of the Manager, Industry-driven Research is to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation and to enhance industry capability, through driving cultural change in the way the Australian Research Sector engages with industry. The objective of the position is to establish Australias METS sector as instrumental to the translation of research outcomes into products and services that are supplied to the Resources industry in a scalable, commercially viable and sustainable way. METS Igniteds Industry-driven Research Initiative will accelerate the commercialisation of research outcomes into products and services by technology vendors for the benefit of the entire industry, via:

  • Lowering the risks to Australias mining companies in procuring collaborative innovation by enhancing the METS sectors capability to deliver targeted, commercially viable and sustainable solutions.
  • Leveraging Australian Researchers and METS companies to address minings priority ubiquitous problems.
  • Facilitating miner collaboration to scope these priority problems and focus Australias innovation community on delivering pragmatic, marketable solutions.

In driving cultural and structural change, this position will require managing the competitive nature of both the Australian mining companies and the research organisations, overcoming industry perceptions that funding research confers ownership rights over the intellectual property generated, disproving the perception that research cannot deliver short-term outcomes, and supporting greater co-opetition between METS companies to deliver globally-attractive products. 

Success in this role will result in Australias METS sector becoming a significant contributor to the successful global commercialisation of research outcomes and enhance the commercial maturity of the sector. This helps deliver business sustainability through the resource industry economic cycles.

Main responsibilities

  • Working collaboratively within the Industry-driven Research team of METS Ignited, establish the new program focused on creating effective engagement between Australias miners and researchers with the METS vendor community, to deliver sustainable and long-term commercially viable research outcomes for the resources industry.
  • Building on your experience and knowledge of the industry to establish yourself and METS Ignited as an industry expert in engaging research organizations and universities to address the needs of the mining industry and the mining companies that invest directly in research.
  • Establishing a specific Mining and Resources Industry national research capability database including validation of capability to inform the broader industry of what skills and resources are available to address industry operational problems.
  • Mapping current and previous research outcomes within the Australian research, METS and mining sector that could accelerate the delivery of solutions to current industry problems.
  • Translating industry business problems and opportunities into research, innovation and commercialization proposals including high level market sizing, potential market channels and segmentation strategies to attract commercial interest.
  • Guiding consortia of Miners, METS companies and Researchers to identify opportunities for public research funding such as CRC-Projects, CRCs, ARC Linkage and ITRP grants as well as State programs.
  • Providing advice on research grant applicants and their proposals including but not limited to CRC/CRC-P, ARC ITRP, Linkage and other Federal and State research grant programs, including documenting any gaps in industry capability in the assembly of these bids or proposals.
  • Reviewing applications of CRC/CRC-P, ARC ITRP applications as directed by the Federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.
  • Facilitating workshops and industry discussions with mining operators to cooperatively identify and prioritise ubiquitous problems for Researchers and/or METS companies to solvethese problems will be the ones on which Miners are likely to collaborate to seek and implement solutions.
  • Facilitating Miners and/or vendors to develop business cases that provide the financial incentive to support investment in innovation and research necessary to solve priority industry problems.
  • Reporting findings from activities to the METS Ignited Executive Team that identify, conceptualise and substantiate the issues facing industry-driven research activities.
  • Regularly briefing the METS Ignited Executive Team on thought leadership opportunities for the industry, to enable the Executive Team to resource, plan and develop strategies to best advocate for industry-driven research outcomes.
  • Other tasks as directed by the CEO or direct manager.

Behavioural Descriptors

The primary purpose of this role is to effect cultural change within the industry by providing leadership, direction and facilitation to two key stakeholder groups the mining companies and the research sector. In addition to the relatively small flow of investment by mining companies into research, we seek to include METS vendors and investors to accelerate delivery of productised, scalable, commercial solutions into the national and international markets. 

  • Take an evidence-based and strategic approach in advocating for industry-driven research activities.
  • Outcome focussedunderstand the strategic objectives of the Industry-driven Research program and remain focussed on delivery against those objectives.
  • Analyticalsound skills ranging from analysis of research sector capability, mining industry needs and commercial drivers, market sizing and competitive forces to determine investment attractiveness, broad understanding of product/service delivery models and how research outcomes can be converted into commercial solutions.
  • Provide outstanding personal leadership and contribute to an organisational culture of outcome-based activity, ownership and accountability for specific objectives, and exemplifying excellence via the delivery of outcomes for the industry-driven research program of activities.
  • Approach stakeholders without prejudice or bias and act with integrity in all stakeholder dealings.
  • Capable and confident in providing direction and leadership, clear communication skills, facilitating collaboration between stakeholders who do not traditionally operate in a collaborative environment.

Key performance Indicators

  1. Research Sector Capability Mapping for the Mining and Resources Sector.
  2. Translation and communication of industry needs via updating and maintaining METS Igniteds published Industry Knowledge Priorities (IKPs)
  3. Number of Research Grant applications identified, supported and reviewed. Support means guidance to consortia of Miners, METS and Researchers to develop competitive bids for public research funding and private sector investment.


  • Experience based roleproven track record working for/with mining companies focussed on addressing the needs of the mining industry.
  • Qualifications in business/management/economics.
  • A research-based higher degree in a field relevant to Australias resources sectors is ideal. Alternatively, participation in industry-based research projects, perhaps as an industry contributor to the projects, or as a research student embedded in a company to solve an industry problem, would be very favourably considered.


  • Relationshipsability to build, maintain and foster collaborative working relationships within the mining industry and research community.
  • PlanningAbility to synthesize and simply plan the evolving development of the various elements of the Industry-driven Research activities in Australia.
  • Executionability to detail, forward plan and commit to the delivery of outcomes and objectives, including the definition of any obstacles, resource requests and support requirements impacting the delivery of outcomes.
  • Operationalability to manage a program against budget, delivering on objectives and outcomes within your operational area of responsibility.

Applications consisting of a one page cover letter and a resume of no more than five pages highlighting industry experience close 15 April

06/04/2021 $0 Brisbane 1 Mining, Resources & Energy
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