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Friendly, grounded yet high-performance team (no office politics), Supportive MD; you'll get to 'be your own boss' (once trained), Never get bored and work with clients who love the work we do.


So youre looking around on Seek. Hello :-)

Maybe youre looking to see what else might be out there because whatever youre doing right now isnt ticking all your boxes anymore, or maybe youve lost your job due to COVID and you need a new one.

Either way we hope you find what youre looking for, and of course, if youre what were looking for, were so glad you found this ad and look forward to hearing from you soon.

You might even be hoping youll find an amazing opportunity to do something you actually like and not just something you can get hired to do so you can pay the bills.

We get it. 

We wrote this ad because were looking for an amazing Workshop Coordinator, not just someone we can hire to do tasks and pay a salary.

Most recruitment ads are pretty boring arent they They dont tell you much about the business or the role and you have no idea what you might actually be getting yourself into if your application were to be successful. 

But, NA Autosport is a unique place to work and, as youll see, our recruitment ads arent like most other recruitment ads either. Youre probably already getting that feeling.

To save us both some time wed like to ask that as youre reading this ad if youre thinking, These people sound like my people, Id love to work with them we would definitely like you to apply. 

However, If youre reading this, and youre thinking Ill just put my resume in and apply because I need a job we suggest you find something else to apply for because we dont do indifferent here; were a hell yes or a hell no kinda team. 


NA Autosport & Engineering was established in 2009. The business specialises in the build, preparation and tuning of vehicles for race, rally and road use. 

After initially focusing on the international performance market we decided to test the local demand for our services. This new approach resulted in rave reviews from our customers in a popular Mitsubishi Evo Forum and our domestic business grew rapidly from there and now we're a team of 6.

While we are well known as Mitsubishi Evolution Specialists, we perform work on all performance vehicles having had experience with many different vehicles from Euro Supercars to production car racing vehicles.  

In recent years we have become well known for engine tuning, we are able to supply and install all MoTeC electronic systems as a dealer.  

Our high level objective is to provide a cost effective service that promotes success for the customer and our business with a mutually beneficial outcome for all while being able to provide an enjoyable and rewarding working environment for our staff.

What we actually do in a nutshell is we perform specialist automotive repair and modification on enthusiast vehicles. Everything except paint your car!

Theres a lot more information about our culture and what makes us special in the Application Pack (more about that later).


Unlike many businesses who see a position like this one as an admin role we know that a great Workshop Coordinator is key to making sure things run smoothly and for that reason we prefer the term crew support as opposed to admin.

In this role youll be reporting to the Owner and Managing Director (Nick) and working very closely with the workshop team, suppliers and all our clients.

The Workshop Coordinator role is a bit like the third leg of the stool, without it things fall over.

Although this role includes what can sometimes feel like a never-ending list of things to do it has three key objectives:

  1. Administration
  2. Client communication 
  3. Workshop team support

Because of the nature of our business theres an exciting aspect to this role that the standard office based type position could never offer - you get to be part of a high-performance team in the motor racing space.

We dont just do car services here! So no two days are ever the same.

The successful Workshop Coordinator will never be bored because theres the usual admin work to be done on the computer but there are also trips to pick up parts, calls and visits from clients and youll be in and out of the workshop too.

Were looking for someone to join our team whos a natural person but who also possesses a rare and wonderful ability to balance the big picture view with the fine detail.  

Youll be equally as comfortable coordinating Nicks to-do list, updating a quotation, liaising with a supplier and talking to a client.


This position is full time and based at Slacks Creek on Brennan Street. 

The salary is $52,000 - $56,000 + superannuation. 


Youre the kind of person others describe as having a good sense of humour and a natural ability to communicate well, in person and in writing. 

Youre very organised, have a problem solving approach to things and an expert juggler of tasks all rolled into one. 

To you the little things are the big things - attention to detail is in your DNA. You get a real sense of satisfaction out of ticking things off to-do lists and meeting deadlines.

When it comes to work you really dont like red tape and endless rules for no good reason but you understand the value of systems and like to make sure things are done the way they need to be done where it counts. 

Youve got some life experience and can relate to people with empathy and adapt your style to suit the situation and the person.

Youd like to find a place to work where you can come to work in jeans and trainers and enjoy a busy productive day at work without office politics and go home knowing that your evening is your own.

People you know would describe you as no nonsense, down to earth, practical and smart. 

You dont need to love motor racing as much as we do, but if you did that would make it even more enjoyable for you. 

Were looking for someone to join the team who feels like this is the team theyve always wanted to be a part of. 

Its highly likely you will have had some previous experience as a receptionist, admin coordinator or possibly worked in the service or parts department at a dealership. Even if you come from a completely different background if youve got the skills and ability and feel our culture is for you, wed love to hear from you. 


Excellent question. As it happens our previous Workshop Coordinator was with us for just over three years but for personal reasons was unable to continue in her role. 

Shes offered us her support in assisting the new person if needed and is leaving with a heavy heart.

She wanted us to tell prospective candidates this:

The team at NA are very easy to get along with. We all seem to carry similar values which is a big factor in how we all get along. We all have an understanding of the high standards of workmanship Nick keeps.

Everybody is quite approachable, we all make time for one another.  Very rarely (if ever) have we had grievances in the workplace because we are all able to openly talk to one another respectfully, IF ever we need to, otherwise its usually an unsaid agreement that we all just know what we need to do and we do it.  

Being the only female in the business, and having worked in other male dominated business prior, often guys can have "workshop talk" but I can happily say that I have never had that here.  Rarely even a swear word is heard.  The guys are a very respectful, happy bunch of guys which I believe comes back to their good morals etc. 

Everybody has the same goal which is A grade workmanship. To ensure the vehicle is out in the designated time frame & the customer is happy. 

The new person could look forward to an opportunity to grow with the business. Sounds cliche' but the business is currently expanding and Nick is the kind of boss who would give the right candidate the freedom to make changes in the office if they could be useful moving forward.  

I have found this role, in a sense, that I am my own boss.  I am assertive enough to go to Nick when needed, but otherwise I feel he appreciates that I can work without supervision.  I think this comes with trust and time to get to know how we all operate.

I will be leaving with  a heavy heart.  Working for Nick and with NA has been an absolute highlight. 


If youre reading this bit, were guessing youre interested. Great news! 

Now, because one of the things were looking for is attention to detail were not going to be accepting applications from anyone who just hits apply now and sends us a resume and cover letter.

To make sure this is the right role for you weve created an Application Pack which includes -

  • The position description.
  • Some more information on our culture and values.
  • Some more detail about what were looking for in the successful candidate.
  • A video fromNick introducing himself and asking you a question hed like you to answer when you apply. 

Dont worry, the question were asking isnt a right or wrong type of question, its just to help us get a sense for the way you think and to help keep this process as painless as possible for all of us. 

Application Pack - Workshop Coordinator and well send you everything you need before we talk more.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply for this position, were genuinely looking forward to learning more about you.

PS - Please dont hit apply now and send us a resume and cover letter, weve put a lot of time and effort into designing this process so that you get a chance to showcase your strengths beyond your resume. If you do apply that way we will not be getting back in touch.

Well accept applications until Sunday 28th March and will then finalise our shortlist and arrange interviews as quickly as we can (ideally within a week). 

Even if your application isnt successful well be back in touch to let you know whats happening because we understand that when youre looking for a new position its stressful not to know where you stand.

22/03/2021 $0 Brisbane 1 Administration & Office Support
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