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Newly created position on a successful team in a growing business, Report to an inspiring, vibrant female CEO who wants you to shine, Work in beautiful brand new offices and enjoy plenty of perks.

So youre looking around on Seek to see what else might be out there because whatever youre doing right now isnt ticking all the boxes anymore, or maybe youve taken some time off, had a break and now that youre well rested youre ready to find that perfect next step. 

Great. Either way we hope you find what youre looking for, and of course, if youre what were looking for, were so glad you found this ad and look forward to hearing from you soon.

You might even be hoping youll find your dream job. 

We get it. 

We wrote this ad because were looking for our dream Business Manager. 

Most recruitment ads are pretty boring. They dont tell you much about what you might actually be getting yourself into if your application were to be successful. 

But, our business isnt like most others, and, as youll soon see, our recruitment ads arent like most others either. Youre probably already getting that feeling.

To save us both some time wed like to ask that if as youre reading this ad youre thinking, These people sound like my people, Id love to work with them we would definitely like you to apply. 

However, If youre reading this, and thinking Ill just put my resume in and apply because it could be good and I need a job we strongly suggest that you find something else to apply for because we dont do indifferent here; were a hell yes or a hell no kinda team. 


The Business Managers position with Slipstream does what it says on the tin; were looking for someone who can come in and take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the administrative aspect of our business.

In this role youll be reporting to the CEO and will have two Client Experience Managers reporting to you.

The BM is a new role designed to help free up our CEO from some of the more operational aspects of running the business so she can focus on growing the business.

This role requires the ability to zoom out to see the big picture, put things in perspective and then zoom back in to get the task level work done (or ensure it is done by the relevant person). In addition organisation, systematic thinking and a natural head for numbers will be needed. 

An important aspect of this role will be the financial management of the operating budget. Liaison with the bookkeeper, interpretation of the P&L and being able to ensure that costs are not exceeding budget unless theres an exception (and its been approved).

Responsibility for the liaison with suppliers like our IT provider, landlord and insurance company are key aspects of the positions remit.

If a new person joins the team, the BM will organise the contracts, the welcome gift and plan the relevant meetings with the team during their first week. 

We are a coaching business that runs numerous regular events as a part of our standard operating model, and yes sometimes the occasional unique event too. Internally we separate the coaching component of the business from the event management part of the business, while from our clients perspective they are one and the same. 

Ideally the BM will take the time to understand our business and how we operate and will then take responsibility for improving, documenting and managing processes that keep everything happening when it should, the way it should.

Within the scope of everything included in the role, we will be looking to the BM to optimise the use of our resources and minimise wastage (time, money and opportunities to create leverage).

The BM will also need to be a capable supervisor with a management style that blends a clear direction with supportive guidance. The two CEMs are great at what they do but have never had the dedicated support of a manager who is able to focus on them.

Overall areas of responsibility include:

  1. Manage the two CEMs (likely to be 3 in future)
  2. Day-to-day handling of business administration related tasks across the business
  3. Own the creation, documentation and management of operating policies both at a company wide level and within the events management part of the business 
  4. Liaison between Client Experience/Logistics and the rest of the business

This position has been created to create time for our CEO to focus on the more strategic aspects of running the business.

When this result is achieved the overall impact will be that the business is able to grow, the CEO can focus on executing strategy and implementing the business plan and the successful Business Manager can enjoy a sense of pride knowing that theyre doing work that really matters. 

In short, everyone wins and thats the Slipstream way.  


There's a video from our CEO Sharon about why she does what she does at the bottom of this ad. In essence this is the most important thing there is to know about Slipstream.

At Slipstream Coaching were dedicated to helping financial planners and accountants achieve their potential. 

Its business coaching with a difference.

Theres so much more wed love to share with you about the value we create for our clients and the amazing team weve created here, but well save some of that for the next steps as we get to know one another better.

But for now, enough about us, its time to talk about you.


Youre the kind of person whos self-directed, confident in a grounded way (definitely not arrogant) and you might be described by your friends as a high achiever. 

You tend to communicate in a succinct way, and youre not generally big on small talk or filler conversation when communicating about work-related issues but in-between tasks, at lunch or after work drinks you enjoy connecting with others and being social. 

Youre impressively, remarkably efficient and youve got a special skill for getting things done. 

That saying that watching a duck glide over the water but not being able to see their feet paddling makes it look effortless, could be applied to the way you work. 

You enjoy working alongside other people who are great at what they do and working as a team to achieve things, but you dont want to have to jump through unnecessary hoops of red-tape everyday which is why youre not looking for a position with a corporate.

Your colleagues would describe you as someone they really enjoy working with. Theyd say that you had a great sense of humour, empathy for others and that you were the consummate professional with unquestionable integrity.

You prefer to work for a boss who gives you high level direction about the outcome they want you to deliver but gives you the freedom to determine how best to deliver that outcome, being micromanaged or needing to check in after the completion of every task would drive you crazy.

Day-to-day your working style is largely autonomous although you value regular meetings and would create reports to capture key metrics the CEO would need to see.

While you need and appreciate feedback you dont have a high need for task-by-task affirmation because you get a significant sense of satisfaction knowing that everything is working the way it should be.

Youve got some great experience and youre at a stage in your career where youre ready for an opportunity to put it all into practice and demonstrate what youre really capable of.

Youre looking for your forever job and youd really like this to be the very last time you ever have to go through the harrowing process of applying for a new position; youd like to retire from being on this side of the recruitment process.

Were looking for someone to join the team who feels like Slipstream is the kind of place youve always wished you could work. 

If youre reading this and thinking that this feels like you, great! Keep reading. 

Unlike many other ads we want to paint a realistic multi-dimensional picture for you so you can either opt out of applying because its just not for you or create an application to knock our socks off because you just know that this is the role for you.

To succeed in this role youll need to be able to hand-on-heart answer yes to each of the statements below. 

  • I am solution orientated
  • I am a positive person most of the time
  • I am dependable, if I say Ill do something Ill do it
  • I am the kind of person who believes in paying it forward 
  • I invest in my professional relationships (and personal ones of course)
  • I am generally a disciplined person (ok, maybe not always, but when I need to be for sure)
  • I am always looking to improve myself and the way I do things (not like some kind of robot, but generally I enjoy growing rather than stagnating)

Its highly likely you will have had some previous experience in an Office Management role. 

Even if you havent, well need you to be confident sharing examples of how youve handled similar responsibilities to those weve outlined for this role in the businesses youve worked for previously. 


Youll get to play to your strengths and wont be expected to be all things to all people. 

This role will offer you a chance to work autonomously to improve our event management division through the design and implementation of better systems and processes.

You will get to mentor two great CEMs who need guidance from someone more experienced in the world of business. 

Youll also be given the opportunity to design the systems and processes we need for the effective running of the business across the other areas like IT, HR, supplier liaison and asset management. 

Thats not just a clich, your work will enable the event management aspect of our business to operate more effectively and that will mean a lot less stress for the rest of our team and a better experience with more of a surprise and delight factor for our clients. 

Youll be part of a high-performing team where every employee feels like theyre part of a family more than that theyre just at work. 

This is a full-time role and youll be based in our amazing new offices at 300 Adelaide Street in Brisbane.

We will be moving into our brand new office in May 2021 that has been designed specifically for our requirements and to allow for the growth we have planned. The building has five-star end of trip facilities (think fresh fluffy towels daily and day-spa like vibe) as well as an entire floor of event space for us to use. 

Were planning a cafe-style coffee machine in the new kitchen but until that arrives Motorwagen restaurant is our go to. We dont have onsite parking for cars but lots of us ride bikes and our CEO will almost certainly try to lend you an e-bike at some stage so you can give it a try too. 

The building is planning a yoga lawn on the roof terrace and we look forward to hosting a cocktail event in that space just as soon as we get the keys! 

Your salary will be competitive and commensurate with the value youre bringing to the role. As an additional bonus we offer 14% superannuation to all our team members. 


If youre reading this bit, were guessing youre wondering what to do next.

Now, because one of the things were looking for in the successful candidate is attention to detail and the kind of person who reads everything before they take action (assumptions always end in tears) were not going to be accepting applications from anyone who just hits apply now here on seek or who just sends us a resume and cover letter by email.

Please, please dont do that! 

Because we know that taking on a new job is a huge commitment weve created an Application Pack for you which includes -

  • The position description.
  • Some more information on our culture and values.
  • Some more detail about what were looking for in the successful candidate.
  • A video from our CEO introducing herself and asking you a question wed like you to answer when you apply. 

Dont worry, the question were asking isnt a right or wrong type of question, its just to help us get a sense for the way you think and to help keep this process as painless as possible for all of us. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply for this position, were genuinely looking forward to learning more about you.

Well accept applications until 6pm Thursday 1 April.

PS - Please dont hit apply now and send us a resume and cover letter, weve put a lot of time and effort into designing this process so that you get a chance to showcase your strengths beyond your resume. 

22/03/2021 $0 Brisbane 1 Administration & Office Support
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